/Definition Of Ghastly: Flo Rida’s Gold Chrome Bugatti Veyron

Definition Of Ghastly: Flo Rida’s Gold Chrome Bugatti Veyron

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Black rappers, most of them at least, have an insatiable thirst for being the center of attention. And when the musical talent runs out, they often do quite ridiculous things to get that attention. They dress like lunatics, smoke some weed, get more tattoos, smoke some more, and as a last resort, they get themselves a crazy set of wheels.

And wheels don’t get crazier than this. What you see here ladies and gentlemen is a Bugatti Veyron, wrapped at the request of Mr. Flo Rida in a ghastly and disgusting gold chrome film. To complete the look, they also fitted it with a set of gold plated Forgiato wheels. And that’s real 24k gold, mind you.

A while ago rapper Birdman blew a big pile of cash on a red Bugatti. That was understandable. Nobody had heard of of the guy before outside his hood, and that kind of brought him into the headlines. But we thought Flo Rida’s career was going well.

Honestly, these guys should learn from the likes of 50 Cent and Jay Z. They are still dope as hell, but they have grown out of this new-money nonsense, and turned into gentlemen who dress like human beings and drive normal, cool cars.

Pictures via WrappedWorld

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