/Pictorial: Classic MINI and Porsche 911 Hang Out

Pictorial: Classic MINI and Porsche 911 Hang Out

MINI and Porsche 911 1 600x400 at Pictorial: Classic MINI and Porsche 911 Hang Out

In a political move that not only enhances the relationships with Porsche, but also serves publicity purposes for the brand, MINI congratulates Porsche 911 on its 50th anniversary. On this occasion they got a classic MINI to hang out with a first-gen 911. Together they created a magnificent sight.  

On the surface, these cars belong to different universes. The MINI is a tiny city car, while the Porsche is a sports car. The MINI is front-drive, the 911 rear-drive. The MINI is front-engined, but the 911 has its powertrain hanging from the back.

But those are mere details. The MINI and the 911 share on big thing: they are both among the most iconic cars the world has ever seen. And they are also living today in, pretty much, the same shape as the original.

OK, enough talking. Let’s check out this amazing gallery and reminisce about the good old days:

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