/Renault Announces Its 1.6-liter V6 Turbo Formula One Engine

Renault Announces Its 1.6-liter V6 Turbo Formula One Engine

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Renault is the next F1 engine supplier, after Mercedes-AMG, to announce their new Formula One engine for the 2014 season. Called the Energy F1-2014, this power unit is a race-intet prototype for now, but if Renault’s previous powertrains are any indication, they know a thing or two about making championship-winning engines.

That said, it is hard to predict what is going to happen when Formula One switch to the new V6 Turbocharged engine next season. It is such a drastic change. Before we get to the specs of the new Renault engine, let’s see what are the engine regulations for 2014.

First off, the engines are downsized from V8 to V6, and from 2.4 liter to just 1.6 liter. Turbochargers are now in charge of making the power; single turbine and compressor with E-motor, wirking with direct injection system. The focus is on fuel efficiency, so the new engines rev a lot lower than the outgoing V8s. Other limitations include fuel quantity for the race limited to 100 kg, and 5 power units per driver per season. Potent Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) are allowed.

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Renault’s Energy F1-2014 features a V6 block at 90 degree, with a single turbocharger set at 3.5 bar boost pressure. It uses a single exhaust outlet, from turbine on car centre line. Rev limit is 15,000 rpm, compared to 18,000 in the current V8.

The engine also features motor generator unit (MGU), an electric motor-generator that can convert electric energy to mechanical and vice versa. You have the MGU-H, which is connected to the turbocharger and converts the heat of the exhaust system into electricity and stores it in the battery, and you have the MGU-K, which is connected to the crankshaft and restores the energy of braking. Together they make up the ERS (Energy Recovery System).

Renault promises that the new turbo engine also sounds as cool the current V8s. They sent the engine around a simulated lap of Singapore and were pretty happy with the results.

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