/Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta Is What You Call A Stupid Idea

Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta Is What You Call A Stupid Idea

Bacon wrapped Ford Fiesta 600x400 at Bacon wrapped Ford Fiesta Is What You Call A Stupid Idea

Celebrating the International Bacon Day, Ford unveiled a Bacon-wrapped 2014 Fiesta. Nothing wrong with that… if it was a one-off show car. But they are selling this wrap as a new option for the 2014 Fiesta and even offer options to customize it.

They say it is the perfect way to indulge your love of pork. But who in their right minds would like to drive around in a car wrapped in bacon?!

The Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta features 10 giant strips of delicious bacon rolled around the entire car. But you can customize it further, with Bacon Racing Strips – two pieces of bacon that go on the car’s hood and resemble classic dual racing stripes, and Side of Bacon – two individual strips of bacon that wrap over rear wheel – popular among those on a diet.

To answer the original question about how would like this, well, Ford themselves have the answer: “You can only imagine that a hillbilly from Tennessee is pretty happy to hear about a Ford wrapped in bacon.

Ford Fiesta a fine little car. But treatments like this kind of compromise its position on the “cool wall”.


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