/Ford Introduces 3D Dirt Detection System For Perfect Paint Finish

Ford Introduces 3D Dirt Detection System For Perfect Paint Finish

3D Dirt Detection Technology 600x450 at Ford Introduces 3D Dirt Detection System For Perfect Paint Finish

Car makers are these days employing latest technologies not just to make their cars safer and more efficient, but also to make them more… lovely. Here’s a good example: Ford has invented an industry-first 3D Dirt Detection system. Its job is to make sure the paint finish on the car is immaculate in every way.

They are currently using this system in the new Ford F-Series produciton line. The system uses high-resolution cameras and reflected light to digitally identify surface imperfections finer than a grain of salt in final vehicle assembly. It creates a 3D model and points out any imperfections in the surface, so the operator can polish them out.

3D Dirt Detection System takes 3,150 high-res images in 15 seconds for every vehicle made. They are  then stitched together for a full 3D image that is digitally compared to a perfect computer model. A computer then compares this model to a perfect on that is stored in its memory, and points out the places that need fixing.

This usually is a job for a human eye to inspect the body and deal with the imperfections prior to the painting process and after it. By replacing the human eye with cameras ans sensors and computers, Ford has not only increased the speed of the process, they are getting better results as well. By using dirt detection technology, Ford improved paint quality and reduced customer complaints of vehicle surface finish by 82 percent within one year.

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