/Is Toyota GT86 Finally Getting More Power?

Is Toyota GT86 Finally Getting More Power?

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Since the day Toyota announced that the new GT86 sports car is going to have only 200 horsepower, people have been nagging non-stop that it is simply not enough. They launched the car, and everyone who drove it agreed that it could do with 50 or so more horsepower. Now it seems that finally the Toyota GT86 is getting the kind of power it deserves.

Of course, we have all heard those empty rumors about GT86 Turbo and GT86 Supercharged and even GT86 Hybrid. But none of those have happened, and chances they are not going to happen any time soon. This time, though, a high-ranking company official has confirmed that Toyota is testing a 2.5 liter unit for use in the GT86. That is more like it.

Details are scarce, but the new engine is apparently an enlarged version of the existing 2.0 liter boxer unit. Toyota is sticking to naturally-aspirated engines for the GT86, because part of the car’s magic is the immediacy of its engine, which forced induction can never match.

Despite the sizable increase in the capacity of the engine, the new unit will be tuned at 250 horsepower. That is exactly what the Toyota GT86 needs. But while they have an extra 500cc to play with, they might as well make the most it.

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