/McLaren P1’s Final Extreme Test Gets Underway

McLaren P1’s Final Extreme Test Gets Underway

McLaren P1 1 600x302 at McLaren P1s Final Extreme Test Gets Underway

McLaren P1 is nearly sold out, and very soon the British super car maker is going to start producing customer cars. They are busy testing pre production models, as technicians back at Woking are getting to grips with the complex design of the P1 by working on training models.

All these efforts are made to make sure that the car delivered to the customer is flawless in every way. When you spend over $1.3 million on a car you expect something more than perfection. That is why the development team is currently residing in the hottest and most arid conditions across North America to conduct McLaren P1’s final extreme test.

These “extreme” tests has to do with the car’s hear resistant and durability. And it is really taking a beating, experiencing heat in excess of 52°C / 126°F through Arizona, California and Nevada.

Of course, none of 375 owners of this car is ever going to take his expensive hyper car to such places, but some of them might decide to push the car to its limits on the race track, which means the components are going to be exposed to extreme pressure and heat. So it’s good to know the P1 can cope with harsh conditions.

The engineers are paying special attention to the P1’s bespoke Akebono brakes and Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, as thy are the part taking most of the punishment.

McLaren P1 2 600x400 at McLaren P1s Final Extreme Test Gets Underway

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