/Suzuki Unveils its iV-4 Concept Crossover

Suzuki Unveils its iV-4 Concept Crossover

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There were a number of new concepts and production models unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but one of the most hyped was the new Suzuki compact crossover vehicle. The iV-4 stood out immediately for its bright turquoise hue, and will reportedly offer a variety of customisable features when it is released in 2015. It’s worth taking a closer look at its standout features and where it stands in comparison to Suzuki’s prior SUV offerings.

Suzuki’s SUV Progression

The Suzuki brand has a long history of producing off-road vehicles, particularly of the compact variety. The brand released their LJ model in 1970, which was a unique concept at the time. The LJ was smaller and lighter than rival off-road vehicles, weighing in at 600 kg. It was also strengthened by replacing an air-cooled engine with one that was water-cooled, which allowed the car to cool down more effectively. This successful model was followed by the SJ series during the 1980’s, which was more stylish than its predecessor.

These early SUVs were followed by the Vitara, Jimny, and eventually the Grand Vitara. While the Jimny was a modern reworking of the LJ and SJ series, the Vitara and Grand Vitara were early indicators of today’s crossover popularity. These models remain popular, as you can see if you take a look at Suzuki offers at Carsales or other listings sites. The Grand Vitara was remodelled in 2005, with improved performance, a four-wheel drive system, and added style. Along with the new SX4, these models show Suzuki’s gradual evolution and improvement in crossover performance.

suzuki iv4 600x343 at Suzuki Unveils its iV 4 Concept CrossoverThe iV-4 Concept

The new iV-4 draws on Suzuki’s past SUV designs, from the LJ to today’s popular Grand Vitara and SX4. However, it appears to be more rugged and aggressive at first glance. Suzuki has stated that the “I” stands for “individuality, while the “v” stands for “vehicle” and the 4 is an indicator of its 4-wheel drive. In line with the emphasis on individuality, the iV-4 will offer a variety of customisable features. Although these have not been fully specified just yet, they will include the colour, texture, and choice of exterior parts.

The iV-4’s Main Features

It’s easy to see that the iV-4 is a Suzuki, because it shares some design features with other models produced by the Japanese brand. It shares the same platform as the SX4 S-Cross, but it will have a bulkier appearance. Like the Grand Vitara, it has straight lines and a boxy profile. However, there are new features including a fog light, laser sensors on the roof, and an illuminated grille with five distinct slots. The tyres have a wide diameter, which indicates that the SUV will most likely perform well off-road. Perhaps the most striking feature which stands out immediately is the bright turquoise metallic colour of the iV-4, which was created just for its debut.

The dimensions put it squarely in the compact SUV class, with a length of 4215mm and a width of 1850mm. This small size will make it a potential competitor for other compact vehicles like the Peugeot 2008. It will also be lightweight, and Suzuki claims that it will also be one of the cleanest cars in its class. It’s likely that there will be both two and four-wheel drive versions produced, with a choice of petrol and diesel engines.

At the moment, the full specifications and details are not available, but the concept looks promising. The iV-4 will be available beginning in 2015, starting in the European market.

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