/1914 Christie Fire Engine at Jay Leno’s Garage

1914 Christie Fire Engine at Jay Leno’s Garage

jayleno fire engine 600x320 at 1914 Christie Fire Engine at Jay Leno’s Garage

After a few weeks of sober, down to earth motoring with the likes of Ford Focus ST and what not, Jay Leno is back with a weird and amazing machine. It was built 100 years ago and it has a boot full of boilers and pipes, because it is powered by steam!

Welcome to the 1914 Christie Fire Engine:

Hard to believe this was actually a fire engine. With a top speed of 25 mph and more pre-flight checks than a Boeing 747, everything would burn to a crisp before this thing even got to the scene. A horse and a cart, which this machine is actually based on, would be a lot faster. These days this collectible item makes a lot more sense than it did when it was new. It is a history book all on its own. And doesn’t it look just magnificent?

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