/Seven Generations of Porsche 911 Sing “Happy Birthday”

Seven Generations of Porsche 911 Sing “Happy Birthday”

7 gen porsche 600x317 at Seven Generations of Porsche 911 Sing “Happy Birthday”

This year, as I’m sure it is now abundantly clear, Porsche is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 911. So it was inevitable that at some point they gather together all the seven generations of Porsche 911, and do some cool trick with them.

This is it, and as you’d expect, the trick is playing the Happy Birthday song with exhaust note. It is not very brilliant, but there is only so much you can do with the sounds of seven flat engines. The exuberant entrance the cars make does compensate for it to some extent.

This makes you think – if you are a Porsche nerd – which generation of the 911 has the best soundtrack. Some say the 964 is the sportiest, and you can’t really be sure about the sound that the 991 emits, because it belongs to the age of tuned exhausts. For us, the nicest Porsche 911 sound belongs to the naturally-aspirated flat-six in the 997 GT3 RS. That is just raw and visceral.

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