/50 Years of Mustang Evolution Showcased in Cool New Promo

50 Years of Mustang Evolution Showcased in Cool New Promo

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With the launch of the new 2015 Ford Mustang planned for, well, soon, the American car maker is busy creating some proper hype. And they are relying rather heavily on the Mustang’s glorious past to carry the weight of the effort. This video here is one of the better ones they’ve come up with, showcasing all versions of the Mustang in the past 50 years using a very clever animation in just 100 seconds.

The simplicity of this wire frame CGI is just brilliant. It not only shows the different body style, but the engine formations as well:

The clip is particularly interesting to the Europeans who may not be very familiar with the older versions of the car. The video helps them get to grips with the Mustang heritage, which is good, because the new version if going to be sold, for the first time, in the green continent.

The New Ford Mustang will be revealed for the first time globally on 5th December 2013. It is the first Mustang to be designed with global appeal in mind, which is not as good as it sounds, because it means they have compromised on some of the traditional design features. They have also compromised on the car’s muscle car character, fitting it with a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Yea, I know.

Ford via Jalopnik


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