/Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione: First Picture

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione: First Picture

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione 600x340 at Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione: First Picture

Following a very revealing teaser picture, Ferrari has now released a proper image of the new 458 Challenge Evoluzione, their latest racing machine for the 458 one-make series. The Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione features a host of improvements in terms of aerodynamics and benefits from revised suspension.

The car boasts a new front splitter, improved underbody aerodynamics, and biggest change of all compared to the normal 458 Challenge, a sizable fixed rear wing. This wing not only gives the 458 Challenge a whole new look, it also produces tons of downforce which helps with the cornering, and, because it pushes the rear wheels down while accelerating, better traction as well.

The Challenge Evoluzione also gets a tweaked suspension setup, new lightweight components, and a revised electronic differential. The powertrain remains unchanged, meaning you still get a 4.5 liter V8 developing 563bhp. The road-going Ferrari 458 Speciale with 605 horsepower is probably faster round the track than this racing car, but that is not eligible for track work.

Pricing for the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione is yet to be revealed, but expect that new wing and splitter to cost and arm and a leg because that how Ferrari rolls.



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