/Meet the World’s First Stretched Jaguar E-Type

Meet the World’s First Stretched Jaguar E-Type

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This, some believe, is the E-Type Jaguar should have built. It’s the world’s first stretched Jaguar E-Type by Classic Motor Cars Limited of Bridgnorth, who added four and a half inches to the length of this 1968 series 1 4.2 roadster. Apparently, the extra length makes all the difference in the way the car drives.

The car, nicknamed Kaizen, has been ordered by an American customer who wants to drive it around the country. The extra leg room achieved by elongating the E-Type will become handy there. None of the extra length has been used for storage space, though. They have come up with another solution for that.

CMC built a trailer for this Jaguar E-Type from two E-Type rear ends joined together! It is connected to the car via a removable tow hitch, which locks into position through the revering light aperture. The reversing light hides the hitch mechanism when the trailer is not in use.

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Not sure if Jaguar purists will approve of what these guys have done to the iconic E-Type. They have left the aesthetics of the car untouched, which is good. And as for the trailer, well, it does look a bit weird, but it’s the only way the owner, Paul Barnstad, could enjoy driving this E-Type cross country.

Paul Branstad said that he had named the E-Type in this way because he thought that the original Jaguar designer, Malcolm Sayer, would have approved of what he wanted to do to the car while preserving its essence. He added: “The stretched E-Type I have conceived sits between the Series I and the subsequent vehicles produced after the merger and formation of British Leyland, when the design of the cars underwent several transformations as a consequence of cuts in production costs and the need for more space that resulted in the Series II 2+2 and Series III V12.”


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