/Rendering: Lamborghini Cabrera Spyder

Rendering: Lamborghini Cabrera Spyder

Lamborghini Cabrera Spyder render  600x450 at Rendering: Lamborghini Cabrera Spyder

More Lamborghini Cabrera renderings emerge deep from the bowels of the internet, each trying to give us an early look at what the Gallardo replacement would look like. This time we get to see an imaginary Lamborghini Cabrera Spyder, previewing the drop-top version of the yet to be revealed supercar.

Courtesy of Evren Milano’s design, here’s something for your mind to chew on while you are waiting for some official news from Lamborghini on your favorite bull. More and more designers are adamant that the Gallardo successor, the Cabrera, will be heavily inspired by the Aventador, as you can clearly see in these pictures. That is probably true, but it is not Lambo’s way to come up with a new model that is not prettier, or at least just as pretty, as the one that it replaces. And this right here does not look as pretty as the old Gallardo – at least to us.

The good thing about drop-top Lambos is that they could be totally different cars than the hardtop versions. Remember the first Gallardo Spyder? Back then the coupe version was criticized for being too safe and soft, and not being very exciting. So with the Spyder they remapped the electronic brain, added more power, installed louder exhausts, and fitted revised suspension. The result was a totally different beast.

Can’t wait to see what Lamborghini has in store for the new mode.

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