/Jay Leno Experiences the Magic of Singer 911

Jay Leno Experiences the Magic of Singer 911

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A lot of people may not be familiar with Singer Automotive and what they do, and that is probably because they don’t’ really give a damn about marketing. What they do, in essence, is turning old Porsche 911s into bespoke, exotic machines with modern underpinnings. They spend over 4,000 hours on each car, which is why they have no time left to do marketing stuff.   

Every now and again though, they appear on a famous channel, showing off one of their latest creations. This time the location is Jay Leno’s garage, and the car in question is a 964-based Singer 911 finished in a lovely Gulf livery. Before they sent this car to Dubai to meet its owner, they took it to Burbank so Leno can have a go.

What makes a Singer 911 special, apart from the bespoke carbon fiber body work which is an exaggerated, slightly caricaturized version of the 90’s sports car, is that they lavish the same attention they pay to the visual feature on the mechanical bits. The engine in this particular car is a modified version of the original air-cooled unit. Singer has modified it to make 350 horsepower, and also spent a lot of time and energy, and money, making it look beautiful. The cost of this magnificent thing is about $350,000, plus a donor Porsche 964.

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