/McLaren to Replace Windscreen Wipers with Ultrasonic Waves

McLaren to Replace Windscreen Wipers with Ultrasonic Waves

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McLaren has established itself as the new pioneer of the most incredible, groundbreaking technologies in the automotive industry. First they came up with a computer-controlled suspension for the 12C that gives the super car a super smooth ride; then they became the first to launch a hybrid hyper car; and now they are going to invent invisible wipers.

Windscreen wipers have not really changed over the past 100 years, and McLaren thinks it’s about time somebody did something about it. So they came up with this idea to modify a technology already in use in aviation for fighter jets and use ultrasonic waves as a means to clean the windscreen faster and more efficiently. This was revealed by McLaren’s chief designer Frank Stephenson in an interview with The Sunday Times.

The way this system works is both simple and complicated. 30 kHz waves fired from an ultrasonic transducer travel across the windscreen clearing everything in their pass, including water, snow, ice, insects, bird dirt, etc.

This system has many advantages over traditional wipers. For starters, the driver enjoys unobstructed view all the time. The weight of the electric motors that drive the wipers will be eliminated as well. And last but not least, the aerodynamic drag caused by the blades will be gone, which helps making faster and more fuel efficient cars.

If the cost of mass producing ultrasonic wipers turn out to be reasonable, they could make traditional wipers instinct over the next few years. And McLaren can take great pride in being the cleverest among all car makers.

News and picture source: Sunday Times

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