/Rendering: Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Rendering: Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Render 1 600x370 at Rendering: Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Thanks to rendering artists, the guys with an almost magical ability to manipulate images using nothing but an up to date version of Photoshop, we get to see new cars long before they are even confirmed by automakers. Better yet, sometimes get to see cars that will never be produced. Cars like this, the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider.

Ferrari LaFerrari, as you know, is a limited edition hyper car with a production run of just 499 units, and an eye-watering price tag of $1.3 million at the factory and nearly twice that in the market. It is the ultimate expression of what a car can be; a hybrid super car with V12 engine and an electric motor that together make an incredible 960 horsepower. It is the son of the great Ferrari Enzo – which means it should have been called the Dino. But that’s not important right now.

What is important is that Ferrari will never produce a Spider (open-top) version of the LaFerrari. But you don’t have to wonder what a LaFerrari Spider would have been like anymore. Designer Evren Milano has come up with a virtual LaFerrari Spider which does a brilliant a job of satisfying your curiosity. It also makes you wish Ferrari would make a Spider LaFezza, because the thing looks friggin’ awesome!

The only way to make the LaFerrari Spider happen is for the world’s millionaires to call Ferrari and ask them to make it. But we guess they all have better things to do – driving their hard-top LaFerrari, for instance.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Render 2 600x359 at Rendering: Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

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