/Toyota FCV Concept Can Power Your House!

Toyota FCV Concept Can Power Your House!

Toyota FCV Concept 600x399 at Toyota FCV Concept Can Power Your House!

Yesterday we told you about Toyota’s new fuel cell sedan and their intention to launch it as a production car next year. We also told you about its onboard generator, a fuel cell, which can generate electricity in great lumps using nothing but hydrogen. To give you an idea how effective this solution is for a car, Toyota revealed a cool little secret about the system.

If you own a Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) like the concept in blue unveiled at the CES 2014, and you have a power cut at your house, instead of looking for candles you should grab your car keys! The FCV can be fitted with an external power supply device that could be used with the car to provide a safe and simple domestic connection.

They are still developing this idea, but theoretically, the four-door saloon’s electric motor can produce more than 100kW and, with a full tank of hydrogen fuel, could generate enough energy to power a regular home for a week. Just knowing that increases out confidence in fuel cell vehicles tenfold. If that generator can power a house for a week, it’ll have no problem providing the car with enough juice for a stress-free, emission-free journey. Well, technically a fuel cell is not emission-free. It emits water vapor, which is actually good for the environment!

The production Toyota FCV will a range of at least 300 miles on a full tank, and can be refilled just as quickly and safely as a conventional petrol or diesel model. That is, of course, if they manage to come up with a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in near future. If they do that, fuel cell will make plug-in EVs obsolete.

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