/Porsche Releases Official Statement Regarding 911 GT3 Fire Issue

Porsche Releases Official Statement Regarding 911 GT3 Fire Issue

911 GT3 Fire 600x396 at Porsche Releases Official Statement Regarding 911 GT3 Fire Issue

A few days ago we told you about the several cases in which new Porsche 911 GT3s burst into flames and burned to a crisp, and how Porsche has stopped the sales of the car until further notice. Turns out it’s even more serious than that, as Porsche has now released an official statement, asking GT3 owners to stop driving their cars immediately.  

Porsche has launched a vast operation to inspect the engine of every single 2014 911 GT3 sold for that slimy oil leak which is said to be the cause of fire. They will pick the cars up, fix them, and return them to the owner probably with a letter of apology! So far Porsche has sold 758 911 GT3s worldwide.

Porsche points out that this is a precaution to make sure no other GT3 will fall victim to the incident, because safety is their number one priority. There was no traffic accident and no personal injury as the result of the 911 GT3 fire problem.

Porsche is looking into the problem to determine the exact cause of it. Early reports suggested that in all cases the fire started after the engine suffered a catastrophic oil leak and the oil warning light went off on the dashboard. Porsche want to be sure before they confirm anything. They promise to report on any new findings immediately.


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