/Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman – by Chris Harris

Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman – by Chris Harris

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Yes, it’s another Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman comparison test. We know you have seen plenty of it before. But this time the test is conducted by Chris Harris, which makes it completely unmissable. There is less sideways action than you would expect from the combination of Porsche, Alfa, race track and Harris, but the review is full of useful advice.

Instead of trying to find a winner, Chris talks you through the good and not-so-good points of each car. This can be of enormous help to those who are trying to figure out which is the car they should spend their money on. Best solution: buy them both!


Just to recap, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a lightweight, carbon fiber-based sports car powered by a small but punchy 1,750cc turbocharged engine. It has 240 horsepower, a TCT transmission, and pure, non-assisted steering wheel.

Porsche Cayman, meanwhile, has an aluminum construction and boasts a brilliant flat-six engine with 320 horsepower. It has a PDK transmission and electric-assisted everything, including the steering wheel. Whereas the Alfa has a Spartan, business-minded cabin, the Porsche offers a fair bit of luxury.

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