/First Look: 2016 Bentley SUV

First Look: 2016 Bentley SUV

2016 Bentley SUV Teaser 600x396 at First Look: 2016 Bentley SUV

Bentley released today the first official teaser shot of their new SUV model, set to be launched in 2016. This as yet unnamed model is Bentley’s second attempt at making a luxurious SUV. They messed up the first one pretty badly.

Bentley’s first attempt at making a utility vehicle resulted in a massive thing that can only be described as gopping. At first they were quite chuffed with it, thinking they had come up with something daring and forward-looking. But, after facing some serious criticism – some of them verging on insulting – they went back to the drawing board and completely changed it.

So it is understandable if the 2016 Bentley SUV looks kind of understated and maybe even boring. I mean what the teaser picture is showing us is, in essence, a jacked-up Continental GT. It is not that Bentley hasn’t tried, but they were so afraid of getting nailed again, they appear to be steering clear of any sort of controversial features.

Commenting on the new SUV, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber said: “The front, side, rear and roof has changed. We created a completely new car, a real Bentley SUV. Now it will meet the expectations of our customers much better than two years ago. Even if there was no badge, you’ll know it is a Bentley. It will create a completely new segment in the SUV market.”

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