/Geneva 2014: Toyota FV2 Future Mobility Concept

Geneva 2014: Toyota FV2 Future Mobility Concept

Toyota FV2 0 600x400 at Geneva 2014: Toyota FV2 Future Mobility Concept

Toyota’s quest for finding the perfect future personal mobility solution continues with a new concept they are presenting at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s called the Toyota FV2, and what sets it apart is that it is operated by the driver shifting his or her body.

So if you want to go forward you just lean forward and if you want to go back, you do the opposite. This of course is not an entirely new technology, but it is the first time it is used in a car, well, car-like vehicle. The lack of steering wheel, though, is not the only futuristic technology in the FV2.

The concept also features intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles nearby and highway infrastructure to capture safety information, for example giving advance warning of vehicles in blind spots or at junctions. Other high-tech system Toyota FV2 is blessed with is an augmented reality (AR) display can be presented on the windscreen and the body colour and exterior display can be changed at will.

These technologies are part of Toyota Heart Project, which in essence tries to add emotional communication – through the use of artificial intelligence – to the range of behaviors robots are capable of. So in addition to simply talking and listening, future robots will be able to express feeling by use of expressions and gestures, and the recollection of past events. Sounds scary!

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