/Jaguar XK to Get the Axe

Jaguar XK to Get the Axe

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Jaguar XK has never been a hot-seller for the British brand, and things have been going downhill at a faster pace ever since they launched the F-Type. And now with the addition of the XE sport sedan to the range, Jaguar decided not to waste any more time and money on a lost cause.

They are yet to confirm this, but Autocar is reporting Jaguar is gradually killing off the XK, revamping the production line in preparation for the new XE and the upcoming SUV model. Since the launch of the F-Type, sales of Jaguar Axe-K have pretty much stopped, as the car maker reportedly shifted 4,000 units less than the same period last year.

And it makes a lot of sense, actually. The F-Type is younger, more attractive, faster, and better value than the old and tired XK. It’s sad, but it’s true. The XK was born amid the most catastrophic financial crisis the auto industry had ever experienced, and it did well for a while, before Mercedes SL and BMW 6 Series stole its marketplace.

All that said, Jaguar XK’s demise could very well be a temporary retirement – a sabbatical, if you will. The car could make a return as a bigger, better-looking, and more luxurious GT car some time in the future.

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