/Jay Leno Shows Off His 27-Liter 1930 Bentley

Jay Leno Shows Off His 27-Liter 1930 Bentley

27 Liter 1930 Bentley Jay Leno 600x337 at Jay Leno Shows Off His 27 Liter 1930 Bentley

Those of you who watch Top Gear will instantly recognize this massive 1930 ATG Bentley, powered by a 27-liter Merlin airplane engine, as the car Jeremy Clarkson put up against the mighty Brutus when he reenacted the Battle of Britain at Dunsfold. After that test Jezza wondered if he should buy this car or the Eagle Speedster. Jay Leno watched that too, but he didn’t suffer from indecision anxiety. He just bought the Bentley!

This customized 27-Liter 1930 Bentley is definitely one of the biggest road cars at Jay’s garage, and one of the most awesome. The thing need 17 gallons of oil, it weighs over 3 tons, and it drinks fuel like there is no tomorrow. But all that is part of its charm.

At full chat, the 27-Liter 1930 Bentley does make a distinct airplane like sound, which, given the size of the car and the switchgear inside the cabin, will make you believe you are really taking off. Not that you can, or dare, floor it very often. That engine makes 700 horsepower, there and thereabout, and the car is the size of three Fiat 500s. It is an intimidating beast.

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