/Rendering: Porsche Super Mini Boxenne

Rendering: Porsche Super Mini Boxenne

Porsche Super Mini Boxenne 600x336 at Rendering: Porsche Super Mini Boxenne

Rendering artists these days come up with some pretty weird stuff! Here the talented designers of X-Tomi decided to find out what a Porsche super mini would look like. So they mixed a Cayenne with a Fiat 500 (or is that an Opel Adam?), and this is the result. They call it the Boxenne.

The Boxenne does look somewhat creepy to be honest, but it is a well-executed rendering and shows what is possible. Who knows, maybe someday Porsche make a super mini. I mean we never thought they would build a SUV, or a four-door, or a diesel. But they did.

Come to think of it, a Porsche super mini sounds like an interesting idea, as it would definitely be an absolute hoot to drive. A Porsche chassis with a compact, super-dooper body is definitely a recipe for fun.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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