/Toyota Announces New Efficient Engines

Toyota Announces New Efficient Engines

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Toyota announced the launch of a new range of small-displacement highly-efficient engines in the global market over the next year. There will be 14 new powertrains, utilizing the technology refined in hybrid engines to make gasoline motors more efficient.

The new Toyota engines are basically hybrid systems without the electric motor. They are designed for excellent thermal efficiency, using combustion and loss-reduction technologies Toyota has refined in its dedicated hybrid engines. They reckon these engines will be 10 percent more economical than their normal counterparts.

The first engines in this series of 14 new powertrains are a 1.3 liter and a 1.0 liter delivering maximum thermal efficiency of 38 percent and 37 percent, respectively.

The improvement in the new engines is achieved through an increased expansion ratio and reduces waste heat through a high compression ratio (13.5), resulting in superior thermal efficiency. Other tricks include employing an intake port with a new shape that generates a strong tumble flow and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system paired with Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Electric (VVT-iE).

The new generation of small and efficient Toyota engines will be used in new and redesigned model from 2015.

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