/1300-hp Porsche 911 Spins Out at 180 mph

1300-hp Porsche 911 Spins Out at 180 mph

1300 hp Porsche 911 Spins Out 600x333 at 1300 hp Porsche 911 Spins Out at 180 mph

Everybody knows that Porsche 911, regardless of all its fancy new electronics and what not, is a challenge to drive. The engine is in the wrong place and there is only so much you can do counter its negative effects. This is especially dangerous in older models, like the 996 series, and high-performance variants like the GT2.

Kong Chang found that out the hard way when his 1300-hp Porsche 911 (996) spun out… at 180 mph (290 km/h)! Mind you, he was testing the max boost setting when the car let go.

Spinning out of control while travelling in the straight line at that kind of speed must be a pants-ruining experience. Still, Kong remained calm and managed to save it with not much damage. His super 911 features a twin-turbo system installed by BBI Automotive. He is now probably thinking maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, after all.

Video by 1320video

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