/750-hp Willys Jeep Dragster Take On Nissan GT-R

750-hp Willys Jeep Dragster Take On Nissan GT-R

750 hp Willys Jeep Dragster 1 600x423 at 750 hp Willys Jeep Dragster Take On Nissan GT R

Willys Jeep is the grandfather of Humvee and the most iconic military vehicle ever. The Allies owe a large part of their WWII victory to this amazing piece of engineering. Surviving Willys Jeeps live their lives these days as museum pieces, or collectibles, changing homes for some serious dosh. That is not the case with this particular Willys Jeep you see here, though.

This one has been modified and turned into, of all things, a dragster! The owner of this Jeep has fitted it with a supercharged 4.8-liter engine force-fed with Nitrous and a mix of gasoline and methanol. The result is 750 horsepower, and the result of that is a strong tendency on the part of the car to take off every time you go near the throttle.

In this video the awesome Willys Jeep takes on a 950 horsepower tricked-out Nissan GT-R. It’s America against Japan all over again!

The Nissan is more powerful, but the Jeep weighs only 2000 lbs (about 900 kg), so it has insane power-to-weight ratio. The best thing about this car, though, is the fact that they’ve kept the looks of stock as possible.

Via 1320Videos

750 hp Willys Jeep Dragster 2 600x450 at 750 hp Willys Jeep Dragster Take On Nissan GT R

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