/Ferrari Enzo Donuts with 195mph Sprinkles

Ferrari Enzo Donuts with 195mph Sprinkles

enzo donut 600x340 at Ferrari Enzo Donuts with 195mph Sprinkles

The good thing about donuts is that unlike doughnuts they won’t make you fat. If anything, they count as a sort of exercise and make you fit, lean and mean. To get the best results it is recommended you get your donuts in something pretty fast. These Ferrari Enzo donuts are the best kind you can get, and better yet, they come with a sprinkling of 195 mph straight line runs.

This is how a super car like Ferrari Enzo should be treated. What is the point of spending over a million Euros on a car and then lock it away in an air conditioned garage?


This video was made by Shmee150 at Vmax200 Hypermax even in UK where a bunch of cool guys with cool cars get together on an airfield to drag race, powerslide, and wreck tires of their high-end super cars. One hour of this event is more exciting than an entire Formula One season.

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