/McLaren P1 Track: First Details Revealed

McLaren P1 Track: First Details Revealed

McLaren P1 Track 600x363 at McLaren P1 Track: First Details Revealed

We know that Ferrari is working on an XX version of the LaFerrari to spice up its successful Corse Clienti program and make some serious money along the way. Now McLaren is also plotting something similar as they have reportedly green lighted the McLaren P1 Track, a hard-core, track-focused version of the P1 road car.

McLaren P1 Track will feature more extreme bodywork that set it apart from the road-going version and also boast revised suspension with only one track setting that locks the car in the lowest setting. Likewise, the aerodynamics will be tuned for track work, while the power and torque of the car’s hybrid powertrain will be increased.

Just like the Ferrari XX cars, you won’t be able to take delivery of your McLaren P1 Track, which by the way will cost a lot more than the standard version. McLaren keeps the car at the factory, and only brings it out on pre-arranged track day events and lets you drive it.

It sounds weird, but that is how this whole things works and how the customers like it. Some of them have reportedly asked McLaren to make the P1 Track and run this program for them. After consulting with all 375 people who bought the road car, McLaren decided to go ahead with the Track program and make a few them to begin with.

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