/P1 Bonanza at Pure McLaren Track Day Event

P1 Bonanza at Pure McLaren Track Day Event

Pure McLaren Track Day 0 600x400 at P1 Bonanza at Pure McLaren Track Day Event

Yesterday McLaren hosted a track day event, dubbed Pure McLaren, for their customers at Silverstone. No less than four P1s turned up for the event, and even though the rain kind of ruined everyone’s day, the mere presence of these hyper cars livened up the whole gig.

Short of travelling all the way to Germany to drive on the Autobahns, Pure McLaren track day is the only way the owners can really push their supercars to the limited and see where they money went. In all honesty, driving a super car slowly around town is not only not fun, it is a nerve-racking and uncomfortable experience. Well, unless you are poser and buy the car just to show it off.

Events like Pure McLaren allow the drivers to compete in a safe environment against other novice drivers under supervision of professional instructors. Along with the four P1s, a big number of 12C and 650S models also too part at the Silverstone track day.

Pictures by Zan Photography via Supercarkids

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