/Peel P50 Makes a Y-Turn Inside Transit Ford Transit

Peel P50 Makes a Y-Turn Inside Transit Ford Transit

Peel P50 Makes a Y Turn 600x338 at Peel P50 Makes a Y Turn Inside Transit Ford Transit

In one of the latest and arguably the best, advertisements ever made for the Ford Transit, they put the spaciousness of the commercial van in perspective by having a car doing a 3-point Y-turn in it! That like trickery, of course, until you find out the car in question is a Peel P50. Now it makes sense.

You know the Peel P50 as the smallest production car the world has ever seen. This one-seater is even smaller than a scooter and therefore highly maneuverable. It also looks very funny, which is why it works in commercials like this.

Despite the size of the P50 making the turn was not easy for the driver, as Peel doesn’t have a reverse. But that’s not such a big problem because you can just open the door and use you hand, or just your body weight, to rock the car back and forth. Still, a good stunt.

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