/Sutcliffe Presents Thoroughest McLaren P1 Road Test Ever!

Sutcliffe Presents Thoroughest McLaren P1 Road Test Ever!

p1 drift 600x316 at Sutcliffe Presents Thoroughest McLaren P1 Road Test Ever!

McLaren must be a big fan of Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe, as they lent him a P1 for three days and told him to go nuts with it. Too happy to oblige, Steve decided to use this opportunity to see what it’s like to live with the McLaren P1 day in and day out, and dedicated a large chunk of his review to road testing the car.

But this being Sutcliffe, track work was inevitable. So he took the P1 to Castle Combe circuit for some sideways action, followed by some timing at MIRA test facility, where they film Fifth Gear’s team test sessions.

Even though McLaren P1 is more than capable than most racing cars currently in existence, the truth is, almost none of the 375 people who bought it are going to take it to the race track. It is too valuable for that kind of risk. It’s a good then then the P1 is a pretty decent road car. You can daily drive this car if you want. There isn’t much room for grocery in it, but still.

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