/Watch a Yellow Ferrari F40 Do Ungodly Things

Watch a Yellow Ferrari F40 Do Ungodly Things

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Drifting and donuting and drag racing are some of the most fun things you can do with a car. But not when the car in question is a Ferrari F40. There aren’t many of them around, and if you have one you should try to preserve it. The owner of this yellow Ferrari F40, though, doesn’t care about all that.

He belongs to the group that says if you are in possession of a hyper car you should drive it hard because that’s what they are built for. This way of thinking recently wrecked a very special McLaren F1. So which side are you on?

As you can see in this video, they guys takes his F40 to an airfield and drag races it against a Porsche 911, and when that doesn’t turn out to be fun he goes berserk with massive powerslides. It is rather painful to watch but we have to say, it must have been darn good fun from the driver’s seat. And how awesome a yellow Ferrari F40 looks!

Video by Supercardriver

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