/New BMW X6 Rendered as Convertible and 3-Door

New BMW X6 Rendered as Convertible and 3-Door

bmw x6 convertible 600x300 at New BMW X6 Rendered as Convertible and 3 Door

So you didn’t like the new 2015 BMW X6, and you didn’t much dig its M Sport version, either. That is sad, but the internet is not ready to give up on this car, probably because the previous version was so awesome and it’s a shame the new model should look like this.

In an effort to make you like the new BMW X6, designers have come up with a couple of different body styles for the car. They depict the car as both a convertible and a three-door coupe. The thing is, neither really addresses the biggest flaw of the X6’s design, which is a very unappealing face.

The BMW X6 Convertible rendering you see above is made by Theophilus Chin and shows what an open-top X6 would look like. It is not as pointless as you might think, since such a thing could rival the Range Rover Evoque. That is, if JLR finally make that car.

The second rendering, shown below, is from X-Tomi Design. It takes a more realistic approach and turns the X6 into a three-door. The three-door X6 looks a lot sportier, and since the X6’s backseats are pretty rubbish anyway, this treatment makes a lot of sense.

bmw x6 three door 600x336 at New BMW X6 Rendered as Convertible and 3 Door


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