/Sad: Black Ferrari Enzo Gathering Dust in China

Sad: Black Ferrari Enzo Gathering Dust in China

Black Ferrari Enzo Gathering Dust 0 600x338 at Sad: Black Ferrari Enzo Gathering Dust in China

It is always very sad to see a rare super car in poor conditions like this. The amount of dust collected on this black Ferrari Enzo, spotted in China, suggests the car has been sitting there for a long time and nobody has paid any attention to it.

What kind of person would just abandon a rare and super expensive car like the Ferrari Enzo? We can only imagine he was some sort of criminal who is now on the run, or in jail. But even in that case the car would have been impounded and auctioned by the Police. Even if the owner is dead his next of kin would have claimed ownership. After all, the car is worth millions of dollars.

This black Ferrari Enzo is extra special because of its color. It looks utterly cool, especially with those smoked taillights. We know of only two or three other Black Enzos, and one of them belongs to Jay Kay, who recently bought a green LaFerrari.

Via Autogespot

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