/Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Is Head-Up Display on Steroids

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Is Head-Up Display on Steroids

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen 600x337 at Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Is Head Up Display on Steroids

Jaguar engineers clearly weren’t satisfied with the current head-up display systems, so they went ahead and built their own. Theirs is a bit bigger and more comprehensive than normal HUDs. In fact, it covers the entire windscreen.

The idea behind Jaguar Virtual Windscreen is to provide the driver with all the info he or she may need, and lots more besides, on the windscreen, so the driver’s eyes need never leave the road. What’s cool about this system is that it has a track mode with features like ghost car, racing line and braking point guidance, and virtual cones – just like a video game!

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen is only one of new systems they are developing to reduce driver distraction. The other is a gesture control system that eliminates the need to find and press buttons. It uses E-Field Sensing, which is based on the latest capacitive discharge touch screensand gives much greater accuracy than ever before. A smartphone today detects the proximity of a user’s finger from 5mm. The Jaguar Land Rover system increases the range of the sensing field to around 15cm which means the system can be used to accurately track a user’s hand and any gestures it makes inside the car.

Other notable new areas JLR is looking into include replacing rear view and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays, and 3D instrument clusters with eye-tracking system.

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