/Oof, Madon’! Ferrari California Test Drive Goes Wrong

Oof, Madon’! Ferrari California Test Drive Goes Wrong

california crash 600x353 at Oof, Madon! Ferrari California Test Drive Goes Wrong

You see that wall in front of this Ferrari? Well, in a moment the two are going to meet! That is a summary of what happened on this Ferrari California test drive in Maranello. Driver too aggressive, car too tricky to handle, bang, boom, shouting, embarrassment. It is kinda painful to watch.

Maranello residents must be used to this kind of stuff, though. This is, after all, the city of Ferrari. Lots of customers like to test drive their cars around this mythical place, and let’s face it, most of them are pretty average drivers.

We have sneaking suspicion the California of this test drive had its traction control either fully off or in the most aggressive setting. You can hear in the video the automatic transmission upshifts at redline, and the most obvious clue, of course, is the fact that the back end of the car let go so easily on partial throttle.

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