/Track Test: Porsche Cayman GTS vs 996 GT3

Track Test: Porsche Cayman GTS vs 996 GT3

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We haven’t heard anything but praise about the Porsche Cayman GTS since they allowed journalists behind the wheel. The Cayman itself is a great sports car to begin with, but the GTS treatment turns it into a pure driver’s car. It is almost as good as a 911.

To put the virtues of Porsche Cayman GTS into perspective, Evo’s Jethro Bovington pitted against a 911 on the race track. It is an old 996-generation 911, yes, but it is a GT3, and a slightly modded one of that. So this should be interesting:

Obviously Porsche Cayman GTS, being modern, has some undeniable advantages over the 996 which is more than a decade old. But the same modernity is its Achilles’ heel. The old car has a hydraulic steering system and almost no electronic nannies at all. So if it’s fun you are after, and let’s be honest that’s the only reason for buying such cars, you may want to think twice before getting the GTS.

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Video by Evo

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