/950-hp Oakley Design Porsche 918 Spotted in London

950-hp Oakley Design Porsche 918 Spotted in London

Oakley Design 918 600x305 at 950 hp Oakley Design Porsche 918 Spotted in London

This Porsche 918 Spyder may look standard, but it is in fact the very first tuned version of the German hyper car. Turns out while Edo Competition was busy taking pictures of their 918, the boys from Oakley Design were quietly working on a tuning program, and managed to boost the 918’s power output to 950 horsepower.

That makes Oakley Design Porsche 918 very nearly as powerful as Ferrari LaFerrari. Since this is a customer car, evidently owned by a man from Kuwait, there are no details available on its performance figures or the upgrade program itself.

As you can see in the video, Oakley Design Porsche 918 does not get any visual modifications whatsoever. So while these guys are the first to tune this special car, they haven’t really done a thorough job. Then again, the owner may wanted to keep things quiet, which is an implausible idea, given the Arab number plate on the car!

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