/Alfa Romeo Giulia Imagined in New Renderings

Alfa Romeo Giulia Imagined in New Renderings

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The work is underway on the brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulia and the first test mules have been spotted around the factory, which is a good sign. These test units are disguised as Maserati Ghiblis, however, which means the design has not been finalized yet.

That means impendent designers have a blank canvas to work with. They can let their imagination run wild and come up with whatever they think is a suitable look for Alfa’s upcoming 3-Series rival. That is exactly what Thorsten Krisch has done, and this is his idea of what the Giulia should look like.

Thorsten is a mechanic by trade and designs cars as a hobby. Judging by what we see here, we think he should take designing more seriously, as he is certainly very talented. He may need to tame his imagination a bit, though. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Thorsten has come up with looks way too good for a production model.

Save a few fantastical features like the shape of the front bumper or those awesome but oversized wheels, this design makes all the right noises. But we don’t know how off the mark or otherwise this is until Giulia shows us some skin!

Renderings by Thorsten Krisch

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