/Chris Harris Explains Why Ferrari FF Makes Sense

Chris Harris Explains Why Ferrari FF Makes Sense

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It’s a good job that Chris Harris is brilliant at what he does, because he has a habit of blowing up huge amounts of cash on fancy cars, even though his garage is full of high-end press cars. His latest acquisition is this Ferrari FF and in this video he explains why it makes sense to spend £1,500 a month on an all-wheel-drive V12 hatchback.

Yep, sadly it’s one of those short videos. You can subscribe to Drive channel if you want to watch the full-length version:

So it all comes down to “feeling special” with the Ferrari FF, which seems like a good reason to justify the colossal cost of this thing. If your whole purpose from buying a car is moving from A to B then a diesel Passat will do that job flawlessly. People who buy cars like the FF want to make every minute of their lives feel special. If you look at it through that lens, 1,500 quid a month is actually a bargain!

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