/Evo Drives Ferrari F40 in the Swiss Alps

Evo Drives Ferrari F40 in the Swiss Alps

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The video you are about to watch after the jump will make your weekend by lifting your spirit in the knowledge that the world is full of beauty and wonder. Well, either that, or it will make you hate your own life and develop suicidal tendencies!

Evo’s Henry Catchpole was sitting around the office one day when his phone rang and a secret super car collector asked him if he would like to drive his Ferrari F40 from Switzerland back to the UK. Henry said yes half a second later. We’re wondering what took him so long.

In reality driving a Ferrari F40 through the Swiss Alps is not as glorious as it looks in the videos, mainly because the car is not easy to handle, and, if it’s not yours, part of your brain is always aware of the zeros in its price tag. But when you reflect on the journey later on you can say with confidence that it was the most epic thing you’ve ever done in your life.

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