/Ferrari F80 Rendered as LaFerrari’s Grandchild

Ferrari F80 Rendered as LaFerrari’s Grandchild

ferrari f80 0 600x282 at Ferrari F80 Rendered as LaFerrari’s Grandchild

Ferrari LaFerrari is still hot news and only half way through its 499-unit production run. But an independent designer took it upon himself to try and envision what its successor may look like. He calls his creation the F80 and describes it as a “street-legal F1 car.”

As the successor to LaFerrari, Adriano Raeli’s Ferrari F80 is a car from the next decade, probably year 2025. It is not likely for Ferrari to make another hyper car any sooner than that. The F80 looks futuristic enough for that year, but the powertrain Adriano is proposing for it, is not.

The designer thinks his Ferrari F80 could be powered by an advanced version of the current hybrid system, ideally with a 900 PS twin-turbo V8 and a 300 PS electric motor. Such system seems damn impressive by today’s standards, but a car that looks like a spaceship cannot be powered by petrol. It’s like powering the Laferrari with coal!

Hopefully by the time Ferrari gets around making their next hyper car somebody has invented a new propulsion system for cars based on nuclear fusion or something.

Renderings by Adriano Raeli via WCF

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