/Pagani Zonda F Needs a 7-Man Bump Start in Cannes!

Pagani Zonda F Needs a 7-Man Bump Start in Cannes!

Pagani Zonda F bump start 600x339 at Pagani Zonda F Needs a 7 Man Bump Start in Cannes!

Some stereotypes are true, especially if they are about Italian super cars. These are fragile machines, prone to breaking down at the most inopportune times; like when you are on vacation, in Cannes, with a lot of people looking at you.

The said, the owner of this Pagani Zonda F was lucky there were a lot of people around when his car broke down, because as it turned out the battery was flatter than a pancake and it needed a bump start. And who knew the Zonda is so heavy that you need 7 men to push it!

Pagani Zonda F is powered by a 600-hp AMG V12 engine which we reckon, being German, is pretty reliable. The rest of the car, however, is made by mostly tattooed hands in a small workshop in Northern Italy where people drink wine instead of milk every morning. That’s what causes Italian super cars’ shoddy build quality, but it is also what gives them their unique and wonderful soul. It’s a good compromise.

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