/Three Yellow LaFerraris Spotted on the Road

Three Yellow LaFerraris Spotted on the Road

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This is bonkers by any standards. I mean spotting one LaFerrari on the road is not a big deal, as these days all delivered units are out devouring European roads. Spotting two together is quite an occasion, but not exactly mind blowing. But what are the odds of seeing three LaFerraris in one place, and all of them yellow?

Well, put simply, it’s like pulling a Royal Flush in poker. Spotter SellerieCimes did pull off this hand and captured three yellow LaFerraris on the road, apparently on their final test drive before delivery:

This of course could only happen in Maranello somewhere around Ferrari factory. Judging by the video, Ferrari test drivers really push the cars when they take them out for a spin, presumably to make sure everything works fine. One of these Yellow LaFerraris damn nearly lost control in a failed powerslide attempt!

Video by SellerieCimes

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