/Black LaFerrari on Sale in Dubai for $3.25 Million

Black LaFerrari on Sale in Dubai for $3.25 Million

 at Black LaFerrari on Sale in Dubai for $3.25 Million

An opportunist Ferrari LaFerrari owner in Dubai is thinking about making a quick buck by selling his brand new Prancing Horse for almost three times what he paid for it a few months ago. That is assuming he got his Black LaFerrari from the factory for $1.3 to $1.6 Million USD.

The owner of this Black LaFerrari is asking for 12,500,000 AED which is about £2 Million GBP or $3.25 Million USD. The reason he thinks he can make this sale is because of LaFerrari’s rarity – only 499 units are being made, all of them already sold – and the tough conditions of getting one from the factory. Ferrari only sells this car to high-profile customers with a rich history of Ferrari ownership.

Now, it is fair for the guy to make a profit on his prized possession, but that profit is usually about 20 percent markup on the original price. Even the dodgiest of car dealers rarely exceed that. What he’s asking for this Ferrari is a 200 percent markup.

It’s not that people who can afford to spend this much on a car actually care about an extra million or two. It is just that they’d be suckers if they pay that kind of money. And nobody likes to be a sucker, not matter how rich they are!

Via SupercarKids

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