/Early Sketches of 2015 Ford Mustang Revealed

Early Sketches of 2015 Ford Mustang Revealed

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It is a good thing that these days cars are designed by a team under the supervision of a committee. If it was up to just one person, the 2015 Ford Mustang could have ended up looking like the picture you see above!

These are some of the early sketches of the 2015 Ford Mustang from which the car we have today was conceived. Ford had given their designers, engineers, and marketing people a number of parameters to consider for the fifth-generation Mustang, and this is what they come up with.

The car had to be contemporary looking but unmistakably a Mustang. It also had to be properly muscular, with a bold, aggressive face, and chiseled detailing on the body. The same goes for the interior. The design had to reflect the traditional look of a Mustang cabin, but integrate all the modern features customers expect to get.

From all the sketches and proposals, the head of the design department then chose the best of each and combined them in finished product we are all familiar with. And they’ve nailed it. The Mustang just couldn’t have looked better, at least for something spawned from these sketches.

“To the people inside Ford, Mustang is considered the heart and soul of the company,” said Moray Callum, Ford vice president of global design. “We spent a lot of time amongst the team and with customers discussing the history of Mustang and what it meant to people and concluded that we needed to move forward with a modern design that retained the essence of the brand.”

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