/This Used to Be a Ferrari 458 Spider

This Used to Be a Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider Crash 1 600x337 at This Used to Be a Ferrari 458 Spider

There are moments when, in spite of our profound love for speed and performance, we get sick of the whole idea. This is definitely one of those moments. The pictures of this crashed Ferrari 458 Spider so grotesquely squashed will stay with anyone who sees them for quite a while, hopefully preventing similar incidents from happening.

The accident happened on one of Germany’s derestricted Autobahns, the A40 near Dortmund. The driver of the Ferrari 458 Spider was apparently exploring the limits of performance in his car when things go wrong and the car hits the guardrail at, according to the eye-witnesses, incredibly high speed.

The driver himself was thrown out of the vehicle upon impact, leaving the female passenger trapped in the car, which was by now on fire. Both of them sadly passed away; the woman in the car, the man hours later in the hospital.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how safe your vehicle is. If you lose control at anything above 200 km/h, only a miracle can save your life. Incidents like this will help the parties who advocate imposing some sort of speed limit on the German Autobahns to make their case stronger.

Ferrari 458 Spider Crash 2 600x337 at This Used to Be a Ferrari 458 Spider

Via Bild.de

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