/Audi RS7 to Lap Hockenheim on Autopilot

Audi RS7 to Lap Hockenheim on Autopilot

Piloted driving RS7 600x335 at Audi RS7 to Lap Hockenheim on Autopilot

Showing off their latest achievements in the field of autonomous driving, Audi will field a self-driving RS7 at the final race of 2014 DTM season at Hockenheim on October 19. The car will lap the demanding circuit on its own, reaching a top speed of almost 250 km/h.

In the hands of a professional driver, an Audi RS7 would take about two minutes to complete a lap of Hockenheim. The autonomous version is expected to do the task in roughly the same time. Audi latest technologies will ensure the car will be inch perfect on every corner and push itself to its limits to get the best time possible.

Some say sending an autonomous vehicle around a race track is a much easier task than making it work on the roads. And they do have a point. In this case you just need to teach the car the layout of the track, and since there is nothing to hit, it can just go round flat out. On the road though, a self-driving car has to care for all sorts of issues like obstacles, road signs, routes, etc. Still, that doesn’t mean what this Audi RS7 is about to accomplish is not impressive. It’s just that it’s been done before.

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